Member Discounts

As of this time we are not sure if any of these or other deals offered to Sea Hawker members are still valid. Please check in advance on any deals you see available to Sea Hawkers.


All discounts require current membership card to be shown at time of purchase.

Tacoma Frame Makers
3011 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 9840

Discount 1 - $199 (normally $400) which includes a single frame and matte and custom mounting.

Discount 2 - $399 (normally $800) which includes a double frame and matte, custom mount as well as a plaque.
(Thanks Syl Pelesasa)

Creative Forces Gifts & Sundries - Located in Hotel Murano
1320 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402

$5 off every $50 spent
(Thanks Syl Pelesasa)

Bed, Bark and Beyond - Doggie Daycare/Doggie Bed and Breakfast
135 Island Blvd FI
Fox Island, WA 98333

10% discount
(Thanks Syl Pelesasa)

Northwest Motorsports - Need a Vehicle? Call or go see Steve Scott at Nothwest Motorsports. They will give $200 referral fee to South Sound Sea Hawkers if you show your Sea Hawkers membership card. Be sure to talk to Steve Scott to make sure that South Sound Sea Hawkers get the referral. They have more then just trucks. Huge selection more then 1,500 vehicles in inventory right on River Road in Puyallup. If your planning on buying a vehicle why not give back to the community. He will treat you fair and will be honest, his mission is to find the right vehicle for you. Check out there website to view cars and trucks they have. Steve Scott 253-579-4619
(Thanks Mike Gambles)

More Discounts Available to Sea Hawkers in Washington, Idaho, Alaska and even Germany.